Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Happiest Place on Earth

For the first time I got to go on a trip with just my dad! We had been talking about our daddy- daughter vacation for months, and finally we packed our bags and went to Disneyland!  It was a blast from start to finish! I bet you can't wait to read all about it...

DAY 1:

 We flew in to the Long Beach airport. It was small and partly outdoor, which was nice considering the 80 degree weather! I couldn't wait to get out of cold snowy Utah to warm and sunny California!

 Not the greatest picture but this is from our cab ride to our hotel. Our driver was so nice! He was from Nepal and didn't speak very good English, but spoke 6 other languages!! That's impressive! He taught us about his county and the Buddhist religion.

 Couldn't wait to get there. I had only been to Disneyland a couple times in my life, when I was little, so I was very anxious!

 They had all sorts of cool things at Lego Land. I honestly don't know how they build those!

 We really loved Downtown Disney. Our first night we watched the fireworks there, enjoying our delicious Haagen Dazs ice cream! 

I love pillow pets, so when we got to the Disney store and I saw the whole wall of Disney character pillow pets I was really excited! I wanted one, but decided that the two I have is enough. Maybe next time! 

DAY 2:

 The hotel we stayed at was amazing and I wish I would of taken some pictures, but I didn't! Since it is a Disneyland Hotel you get to go into the parks one hour before it opens. So, we took advantage of that and went to California Adventure at 8:00am! We went to Cars Land first because it's new and we figured it would be the most crowded during the day. It's super cool and truly does look like the movie. The Radiator Springs Racer ride is a lot of fun too!

 Bumper Cars in Bug's Land!

 Lucky for us we are now pros at asking people to take our pictures.

 At night we watched the Water Color show!

 Coincidence? The people doing the "U"s didn't know we were on the ride until after!

Tried not to get too wet on Grizzly Bear Rapids but did not succeed.. 

From 8:00am - 10:00pm we went on pretty much every ride. 14 hours with a small break to Downtown Disney for dinner @ Earl of Sandwich, which is so delicious we ate there again the next night.. anyone know of one in Utah? 
The night wouldn't be complete without a little ice cream! Haagen Dazs was the best choice so we got a "mint chip dazzler" which is probably the best thing I have ever tasted! If you ever get a chance to try it.. do it!! 

DAY 3:

 Day 3 was completely devoted to Disneyland. We spent the first 3 hours in Tomorrowland.. Autopia, Space Mountain, Captain EO, Buzz Lightyear, Star Tours, we did them all. 

 We liked to make the funniest faces on the rides and then watch the people point and laugh at our pictures! Space Mountain is one of our favorites and we made sure to go on it at least 4 times!


 Have to do the teacups of course. And no trip to Disneyland is complete without going on It's a Small World. Even if your ears feel like their going to bleed when the ride is over!

 Gotta have those character pictures.

Second day also jam packed, our feet were killing us by the end! But it was totally worth it. We watched the firework show again and it was spectacular! I always thought once you've seen one firework show, you've seen them all.. but they really do a great job!

DAY 4:

 I love love love Sleeping Beauty's Castle! Wouldn't mind living there!

 My dad said he was too old for character pictures, but I made him be in this one sense Belle is his favorite princess (and mine too). Also because she is one of the players sisters! It would be such a fun job to be a princess there!

 The castle is gorgeous at night and I couldn't get that great of a picture! But if you've been there you know how pretty it looks! Especially with the fireworks behind it!

A picture with Mikey & Minnie, hot cocoa, and more fireworks to end the night.

Another day full of rides, parades, yummy food, and some pool time! Disneyland truly is the happiest place on earth and you don't see anyone there without a smile. We were really sad to leave!

DAY 5:

We left in the morning and the whole plane ride was spent talking about how fun the trip was. At the SLC airport we watched a proposal! It was so cute! A great way to end the trip. Hopefully we will be headed back there soon with the whole family!

Monday, March 4, 2013


 This last weekend I went to Las Vegas with two of my best friends, Megan & Lindsey. It was so so much fun!! It was nice to get out of this cold weather to 75 degrees and sunny! We watched Megan's brother lacrosse games (Brighton got to the semi- finals!), went to the pool, went bowling at 2am, played in the arcade, ate lots of good food, and more!

 we may have gotten a little sunburned.. definitely won't forget the sunscreen next time! 
 the hotel we were staying at had a bowling alley that had an "after dark special" that was only $2! so we went bowling at 2 in the morning!

 not only did we win deal or no deal once... but twice!