Friday, July 5, 2013


i was expecting cheer camp to be lots of fun and great team bonding time! which is was... minus the fun part. the cheers and dances we learned were all pretty dumb. and it was nonstop cheer from 8am- 9pm with the exception of an hour lunch break.
a few select parts were fun, like the pep rally! lone peak did a hilarious skit where three of the girls dressed up like the jonas brothers and they all danced to one of their songs. it was very entertaining and i don't know how they made it through the whole song without even cracking a smile. we also got to go see monsters university which is a super cute movie! and i got to know everyone on the team better!
our whole team improved a lot, and my stunt group won the stunt off out of about 50 groups... no big deal or anything. 

 being in our hotel rooms at night was definitely the highlight of the week

for the pep rally our coaches chose the 1920's. no one really put that much effort into it, and we all took off our boas anyways because they were itchy! and im not really sure what the morph suits have to do with the 20's but it sure was funny!

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